About Us

The company manufactures recyclable composite material manhole covers.  Hermelock manhole covers are characterized by their high load strength and are manufactured in accordance to EU Norm PREN124. Their light weight makes them the ideal cover for operators who handle manhole covers. Other important features of Hermelock covers include a double hermetic seal which guarantees protection from water ingress, a must in telecommunication and electrical applications and an anti theft locking system to prevent unauthorized removal of the manhole cover. Hermelock covers are both maintenance-free and rust free unlike covers made from ductile or cast iron.


Hermelock manufactures a whole model range of manhole covers to satisfy the needs of end-users engaged in the private/domestic, public, and industrial sectors. In fact, Hermelock manhole covers can be used in Hotels, Service Stations, Factories, Residences, Commercial Centres, Industrial Parks and Petrochemical Plants. Specific areas include but are not limited to gardens, terraces, garages, driveways, roads, pedestrian zones and car parks – wherever there is a need for a manhole cover meeting European Norm EN124 B125 with a loading capacity of 12.5 tons or  Norm EN124 D400 with a loading capacity of 40 tons. Other areas where Hermelock manhole covers are of interest include High Security Areas as well as Military Areas where Hermelock manhole covers can be adapted with security features to prevent or control unauthorised removal.